Ideas For Framing Photos For A Photo Clock

Posted on: 16 October 2020

Even in an age in which many people check the time with their smartphones, having a few wall clocks in your home can be handy. You and your family members will enjoy the convenience of being able to easily glance at a wall clock, and there's no disputing that the right clock can add a lot of visual appeal to the space. One type of wall clock to consider is a photo clock — a clock in which there are 12 photos placed around the hands of a clock. If you wish to pursue this idea, visit a local custom framing shop. Here are some ideas to think about in advance of your visit.

Choose A Photo Theme

Unlike other custom framing projects that may involve just a few photos, you'll need to come up with a dozen images that will represent the hours on your photo clock. Instead of choosing 12 photos at random, it's a good idea to come up with a theme. For example, you might choose candid photos of your grandchildren. Or, if you and your family are avid travelers, you might like the idea of using 12 photos from various vacations that you've taken. Once you've chosen a theme, ensure that you have 12 high-quality images that your framing shop can frame for you.

Combine Portrait And Landscape

While you can certainly choose 12 portrait photos or 12 landscape photos, it can be a nice visual touch to combine these two orientations. Doing so will often add more visual interest to your photo clock. You'll want to ensure, however, that you don't choose photos that are too tall or too long. A portrait photo that is too tall may get too close to one of the photos above or below it, while a long landscape photo may extend so far out from the clock that the entire clock doesn't look balanced.

Ensure That Your Frames Match The Clock

It's generally a good idea to buy the clock that you'll use for this project before you visit your local framing shop. One of the first questions that any professional framer will ask you is what style of frames you're looking for, and it can be difficult to make this decision if you don't have your clock. Generally, you'll want to choose frames and mats that match or complement the look of the clock. Consider taking the clock to the shop with you, as your framer will be able to show you different frame and mat options that will be suitable.

For more information, contact a custom picture framing service in your area.