How You Can Prevent Unnecessary Overages In Post-Production

Posted on: 9 September 2020

Are you working with a content production agency to produce a video for your business? If so, one of your concerns may be avoiding overages. Here are some tips that will help prevent you from being billed with overages when the project is over.

Check Your Hours

It is common for the content production agency to allocate a specific amount of hours to different tasks. For example, there may be 40 hours allocated for editorial, 8 hours for graphic design, and 4 hours for color correction. Consider checking with the producer to see how many hours you have left in certain categories. This can help you better manage what you continue to revise in post-production because you'll know that you are running out of hours in that area.

For example, if you are not happy with the text animation in the video, you may discover that you are only halfway through your graphics hours for the job. This will give you peace of mind that you have more hours to tweak things while you are within the budget.

Give Concise And Complete Feedback

The key to limiting how much time you spend on revisions in editorial is giving concise feedback. This can be done by making sure that all stakeholders of the video weigh in before each round of revisions. If you get to the very end of the project and only want to show your CEO a finished video, do not be surprised if they start making major changes after their first viewing. While you may not have wanted to show a video that was unfinished for early feedback to someone higher up on the corporate ladder, not having complete and concise feedback is going to cause your video to cost more to make in the end. 

Stick To The Plan

It is very easy to change things up in post-production with how your final video will look. However, you came up with a script and storyboards before you started, and you should stick to that plan while the video is being edited. Overages often happen when people want to experiment and try something new by deviating from the plan, which can take you down paths that don't result in any of the original work being in the final video. 

With these three tips in mind, you'll be doing everything you should be doing to keep you on the right path for a video that is completed on time and under budget.

For more information, contact a content production company.