How To Make A Photograph Even Prettier

Posted on: 19 June 2019

The best photographs in the world are fine when you frame them, but when you just pick the most basic frame, your photo is not really art. You have just done what needed to be done to protect the picture, and after looking at a great photo, the frame leaves a lot to be desired. If you want to take an amazing and/or beautiful photo to the next level, here is how. 

Mat It

No, not "matte" it, although giving the photo a flat, non-glossy finish by printing it on matte photo paper may make some photos really striking. In this case, "mat" means to cut a card stock frame from mat board, leaving an opening in the center to frame your photo. The color of the mat should really bring out some of the colors you want to highlight in the photo, or it should compliment the colors present. If the photo is black and white, a black mat is usually best, unless the majority of the photo itself is in darkness/shadow. Then you will want to use a light gray or white mat instead. If you want to really impress viewers, do a double mat, which includes two colors to highlight and emphasize things in the photo. For example, a picture of a tri-colored autumn leaf up close can really benefit from a double mat of red on the outside edge and orange or green on the inside edge. 

Use Customized Frames

Customized frames are constructed from one of two materials, usually. Metal artists can make some gorgeous metal design frames for photos, as can artists who construct custom wood frames. You can request certain design elements, or you can allow the artist's natural creativity to flow to create the perfect frame for your photo. These commissions for custom frames not only support the visual artist and arts, but also provide you with a very unique and beautiful way to display this treasured picture. 

Ask the Photographer for Embellishments

In the digital age of photography, there is so much more you can do with a basic photo to make it even better. When an already fantastic photo comes straight off the camera, you can add little embellishments that make it just ever so slightly better without undoing the near-perfection of the original photo. Ask your photographer how to add these embellishments and what it would look like afterward.