DIY Picture Frame Ideas for Music Lovers

Posted on: 9 June 2015

Do you love music and enjoy decorating your home with that love? You might have musical skills, but you might not feel you have any crafting skills. Even with the smallest amount of DIY knowledge, you can create beautiful music-themed pictures frames for your home.

Piano Key Picture Frame

Old pianos that have no chance at a new life can still have some use. Repurpose parts of the piano to make something new. Use piano keys to make a beautiful picture frame. You will need to remove the piano keys and then cut them individually from the key bed.

Once you have your keys, the process of making a picture frame is simple. All you have to do is super glue those keys to a flat picture frame. Pick one up at your local dollar store. Glue the keys so that they stick out from the frame and sit side-by-side just like if they were on the piano.

CD Mosaic Picture Frame

For some reason, people still have many old CDs. They just never go away. As a music lover, you might still see these shiny circles as something special because they hold your favorite music. Turn them into a picture frame that will sparkle around your photos.

You have to cut the CDs into little pieces. This can be done with sharp scissors or tin snips. Safely cut the CDs into many pieces of various sizes. Then, just like with the piano key frame, glue the pieces to a flat dollar store frame. Use regular glue and place the pieces so they fit as close together as possible.

Once dry, fill in the gaps between the pieces with grout or puffy paint.

Vinyl Record Picture Frame

Like CDs, vinyl records have become obsolete but are still beautiful. They represent music of a bygone era and look pretty neat, too. It takes a little more effort to turn a vinyl record into a picture frame than it does to glue CDs and piano keys, but it is still easy for DIY beginners.

All you need to do is cut out the center part of the vinyl record. Cut the part with the label so you have an open circle for your picture. The best way to cut a vinyl record is to use a heated tool, such a wood burning tool. The heat slightly melts the vinyl so that it cuts smoothly like butter.

Your new musical picture frames are now ready to display your family pictures or musical pictures. For more ideas, visit a picture frame company like It's Worth Framing.